Buzzfeed Feature - Hollywood Darlings

Fun shoots like this recent Buzzfeed video I was featured in are what make my work so thrilling!

For this shoot, I recreated childhood photos of 90's stars Beverley Mitchell from Seventh Heaven and Christine Lakin from Step By Step. 

But I wasn't the only one who recreated these 90's moments. 

It took a serious art production team to make these sets from scratch and they ONLY had 4 hours to make each set.

And that wasn't their only task. We also built and shot two other sets with two other talents! They weren't featured in the video sadly but you can still see the behind the scenes of them below!

The fun part was getting my strobe lights and the film crew's lights to work in tandem for both the photography and the video. Sounds challenging but not when you have a giant grip and lighting team by your side (Thanks Scene Snipers!). 

As you can see, this shoot was just as serious as it was fun.

Thanks Buzzfeed and Pop TV!